A Bengaluru based startup lets you subscribe to books and goodies every month

With an aim of bringing book lovers together, Surabhi S Rai and Desh Deepak set up the Big Book Box that offers subscription box services bringing books to your doorstep every month.

With an array of ideas and interests , the book box is the product of the duo’s interest in reading and travel. They started an Instagram page initially, to test the waters and check if a book subscription model will work in India.

They soon realised that a market for a book subscription model does exist. “We began by hunting for a way to source books and started to approach distributors to receive copies of new releases every month. We planned for 20-30 boxes every month initially. However, we have seen a huge uptick in our presence and are dealing with much higher volumes,”.

The duo run a lot of the business on their own, from box curation to distribution. “We organise monthly themes based on the newest release list obtained from Random house or Penguin India, so every book can be celebrated . We also include goodies ranging from tea, candles, badges, bookmarks to make the reading experience exciting. There are three types of subscriptions: monthly, quarterly and half-yearly, and each come with three options Espresso, Cappuccino and the Cafe Mocha box. The Expresso, offering six to seven books is the most popular box. We ship the boxes at the beginning of the month,” the founders say.

“It’s been more satisfying than I’d imagined”, said Surabhi about the journey so far. “We’re constantly trying to give readers a reason to wait for their boxes every month.”

First Published in The Hindu May 15th 2017