Frequently Asked Questions

Que. Will my work be kept confidential?

Absolutely. No one outside of W&S will have access to your name, your contact details or your work. 


Que. What is the extent of editing that is offered? Is it only grammatical?

Ans: There are typically three types of edits offered:

  1. Substantive Editing – Here the editing will take into account the purpose of the document, identify the audience and ensure that the document serves the purpose. So all content, structure, flow etc. will be taken into account to deliver a cohesive and clear document to meet the purpose. Choose this option if you need a detailed and comprehensive edit of the content of your document.
  2. Copy Editing – This form of editing looks not at content but at grammar, usage, style, to ensure a consistency and accuracy. Choose this option if you are confident about the content and only need someone to go through a spelling and grammar check and simple language issues.
  3. Proofreading – This form of editing is only to look at an overall correction before a document is sent off for publishing/ printing. It takes into account spellings/ typos/ formatting/ layout etc. Choose this option if you are confident of the material and just need someone to go over it once to make sure you have not missed anything.


Que. What about copyright? Will the copyright remain with me?

Ans: Absolutely! All copyright will be with you and W&S will only support you where you need and ask for support in writing/ re-writing/ editing your document.


Que. Why are you doing this free and what is in it for you?

Ans: W&S is largely a group of young writers who enjoy writing and editing and are doing this for the fun it provides, besides of course getting to interact with other writers across the globe!

If you have any question, please send your message via Contact Us form.