Words and Space


A good editor takes a manuscript, observes its soul;
then chips away at the overgrowth, gradually revealing its beauty,
until everyone else can see it too.

We are good editors. The best.

About Words and Space


Sometimes when we are looking for the right words or phrases to convey our meaning, the perfect answers may elude us, leaving us less than happy with the result. Someone else with a glance and a few comments can help bring our text to full flavour, conveying exactly what we meant to convey.

Words and Space is the opportunity to make that happen – where you bring your ideas and receive feedback to convert them to perfection. It could be a letter, an essay, a report, a story or a speech that you are writing, or even a poem! If you think it needs some editing or tweaking and although you know the general direction, you are not able to tweak it to your own satisfaction, bring it here and get feedback from others like you who in that moment get what you mean, and with a word, phrase or a paragraph, will help perfect your message.

Words and Space is your space to create your own thoughts and ideas on speaking and writing – whatever be your field – and get people to respond to your ideas and help you with your ideas, like you do, with theirs.

Our Team



Anuradha is a gifted writer, passionate about books and currently doing her BA with a triple major in Journalism, Psychology and English from…



English is clearly a passion for Anushka. Having passed her English Honours Course from Christ University Bangalore with flying colours, she…



Rahul is a writer, director and founder member of the sketch comedy group “Them Boxer Shorts”. Them Boxer Shorts is a You Tube Comedy…



Malati is a writer, an editor, a translator, storyteller and a poet. She has published a translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry and …

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